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when Harry & Meghan met the brave...

brave was privileged to share our dream to build the World's First Mixed-Ability Retreat Center, with Harry & Meghan on their recent visit to the Mother City, Cape Town .

Harry, as the founder of the Invictus Games and Meghan, who practices Yoga regularly, were excited to hear all about it! Special thanks to Town & Country and to CNN for the great coverage. You can donate to our dream here :

Prince Harry and Meghan were gifted meditation beads for themselves and baby Archie during a visit to the Bo Kaap area of Cape Town today. The royal couple were presented with the beads among other presents from the organization Brave Foundation which helps survivors of serious physical trauma, injury, and chronic disease. The Sussexes met founder Robyne Conway and her team in the streets as residents marked the annual public holiday Heritage Day which celebrates South Africa’s diversity.

“We gave them one of our favorite soaps which is wild seaweed harvested from the national park that we want to build our retreat in,” Robyne told T&C afterwards. “We gave them massage oils, lip balms, we gave them pure organic unbleached cotton socks.”

Harry and Meghan receive gifts from representatives of the Brave Foundation during the Heritage Day celebrations.

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Additionally, Robyne shared that they gave baby Archie a set of meditation beads known as malas. “We also made them, for Archie, Meghan and Harry, little blessed arm malas,” she said.

“Our beads are made from African crystal. Then they have rudraksha seeds, and they have a bead from a temple in Ethiopia, so it’s like a whole continent.”

Harry and Meghan received the gift from seven-year-old Sancuma Nkyomiyapi, and also spent time speaking with 11-year-old Libo.

“She asked for a hug, and then I gave her a hug. And the prince also asked for a hug,” Libo said afterwards. “It was wonderful. They are awesome.”

Robyne also spoke highly of her interaction with the couple.

“They seemed very receptive and very interested,” she said. “They spoke to each person individually which was amazing, nobody was really expecting that.”

She also spoke a bit about the Brave Foundation.

“We have people who are paraplegic, people who are quadriplegic, people who have had strokes. What we are trying to do is raise funding to build the world’s first mixed ability retreat center,” she explained.

“We are part of the Bo Kaap and we have been here for 15 years helping a lot of people in this community, but also across Cape Town. Prince Harry [has an] interest in physical trauma and also Meghan’s mum is a yoga teacher, so we thought there is a lot of synergy.”

A cheer went up when the couple appeared at the street party in the vibrant neighborhood where houses are painted bright colors. After greeting the crowds, Harry and Meghan went for a cup of tea in one of the houses.

Just before joining the celebrations, they had visited South Africa’s oldest mosque, Auwal Mosque, to meet members of different faith groups and hear about their work promoting interfaith dialogue in Cape Town.

Harry & Meghan shared stories of courage in Cape Town, with teh bravest little recovery warriors
pinning our hopes & dreams on Meghan & Harry

you can read the original article here-

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