give a little Xmas heartLight to Nyanga!

its that special time of year again when we all get a chance to really change lives! This year at our brave Nyanga program in the informal settlement, we have 64 adults and 108 children! So its going to be quite a Xmas Party! Each person will receive a food hamper the cost of which is R80 ($6) per hamper to feed the family for 1 month and a gift they have asked for R20 ($1.50). Please consider sponsoring a hamper or a full Xmas pack per person for R100 ($7). Please consider us if you have a company that wants to light up some hearts & tummies!

We will issue receipts of donation you can submit to SARS for rebate.

We would so love to donate a jungle Gym for the kids in the community, if u have one you have outgrown ;) or are able to sponsor it will be greatly appreciated.

To donate now

please inbox, or email for bank details

or click here

For those who don't know, the past 9 years Brave has been running a very much appreciated and effective Brave Remedial Breathing & therapy programme for TB/HIV in Nyanga, with the assistance of private donations from Massimo Magerman and family, and you, our brave collective.

This involves weekly remedial therapy, nutritional & medicinal supplements. We teach our TB & HIV patients immune boosting therapeutic Yoga & movement, an intensive lung strengthening breathing programme as well as a hot bowl of soup made at Brave, bread, Honey - before taking meds, for many their only meal of the day or for some, their only meal in days!

Each year we have a hugely successful and much appreciated Christmas party for our 50 + patients - Its been the talk of NYANGA ever since thanks to all those who offered their support - in so many ways!

We are hoping you will join us again in bringing BRIGHT, BIG AND LASTING smiles to Nyanga on the 14th of December -