why you should make your own organic calcium - brave Acid PH rescue remedy

Most people assume that those are who are active and/or athletic are well and will stay that way, they also assume that only those people can practice Yoga & follow the yogic way of life, but at brave we see the commonality between the conditions that are prevalent in the so-called "active" population and those in Recovery.

We not only are we witness an ever increasing and alarmingly high incidence of the common yet poorly understood acidity based disEASES - arthritis & osteoporosis, in which calcium is leeched from the bones in 'ACTIVE' people, but also we see how the body responds similarly to those in Recovery, who are immobile, when faced with high acidity/heat and therefore a compromised digestion.

This is often because our strengths are usually our weaknesses, so a strong digestion (high Pitta) can very quickly become an erratic over-heated one, presenting the same problems as those in whom the fire has gone out - so to speak :)

We are inclined to think that calcium is necessary mainly for the teeth and bones.

But it is vital in many bodily functions such as nerve responsivity, muscle control, blood coagulation, regulation of heart rhythms and blood pressure.

The blood must contain a specific calcium level to enable these functions to progress normally.

If this level drops and no usable calcium is available from the diet, then the body will begin to borrow from the bones.

One of the main reasons our system looses calcium is because of our acid forming western diet,

a low protein intake facilitates calcium retention. Certain foods, such as animal products, pasteurized milk, eggs, cheese, and to a lesser degree heavy grains, have an acidic reaction on the blood and leave acid ash in the blood stream. We see the same occur when eating heavy meals... or eating at times when the digestion is designed to rest for example after 7pm.

When our diet is more than 25% acid, or our lifestyle passive, particularly when immobile or semi-mobile like when in Recovery, if we have a disability but one could also argue that those sitting behind desks, driving when they used to walk and essentially leading very sedentary lifestyles are as much at risk... the body needs to neutralize the acidity in some way:

the reason being that the blood is slightly alkaline +-7.35 - 7.45 on the p.h. scale and if the blood were to become acidic we would die. Rather than allow this eventuality the body, in it's natural wisdom, utilizes it's natural buffer -

and the main ingredient of this response system happens to be mineral CALCIUM,