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brave prarplegic practising yoga on beach

who are the brave

& how we can we help you?

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who are the brave and how can we help you heal

The brave foundation was initiated in April 2004, by survivors of Serious Physical Trauma. We began with the writing of the brave Manual for Recovery, a small peer to peer Recovery Outreach and a strong will to teach people from all walks of life that are in Recovery from Serious Physical Trauma,       an essential set of skills –  how to be brave’.


This was in response to a need, a need we experienced directly  while in our own Recoveries. A need for answers to the seemingly unanswerable, the very real, the previously unimaginable, surreal and practical.

A need … to be guided, mentored, shown the way, given the simple explanations,

a real understanding of our alternatives to even know that there are any! Which beneficial regimes to practice, non-beneficial ones to avoid, choices and how to make them, advice that counts when your world has instantaneously shrunk to a similarly small thin, white, pain infused marshmallow strip we call a bed.

In other words, the insight and support only those ‘ordinary people’ who successfully overcome the ‘extra ordinary’, the very same seemingly insurmountable challenges, can give. Those skilled in ‘Zen and the art of the Reality, Real Pain and very Real Fear management’…we could say “those who had walked in our shoes” but when you don’t know walking is in your future –

it isn’t that funny.


We needed a physical, emotional, and spiritual framework on which to build a new character, a new body and essentially a new life. A framework engineered by those who have not only ‘survived’ but built better, more productive and positive new lives of their own irrespective of any prognosis or disability. We needed to learn to be brave from the brave.

Terrified but brave,

a few big decisions, redeemed share certificates, cashed in bonuses,

a house sale or two later, we found our true home in BoKaap, Cape Town,

the Mother City of Africa, made it brave Warrior and wheelchair friendly and miraculously, to this year! 

To date we have supported over 2000 people through Recovery –

Just one little miracle 

among hundreds of big ones we witness daily… ♥

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we'll donate one to a brave warrior

in need, on your behalf. lets share the healing!

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