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This deep relaxation practice of Savasana will enhance your immUNITY, reduce anxiety, alleviate our feelings of isolation, distance & separation. Experience Mother Nature & our true nature - interconnected, unconditional Love 🌸 this practice includes traditional Yogic mantra.   

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breath is life. at brave, it is the cornerstone of all our remedial practices and your well being -

because we ARE healing, or at very least our bodies are, every second, day, week, month.We can enable and empower Mother Nature or to obstruct Her. Not a single cell in your entire physical body,

all 75 trillion of them, can be built or repaired without oxygen and light! Why light? Well around 20 to 25 percent of what we inhale is oxygen, around 10 percent other gases, the remaining 75 percent – light. Most of us are only using a fraction of our lung capacity, and we breathe predominantly by using the mid and upper lobes our lungs alone.

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Not utilizing the lower lobes stops your diaphragm from releasing, "flushing" and toning your entire abdomen including all your organs and even the deep 'core' muscle tissue attached to your spine - all MOVING -

even with spinal injury! Often we are taught to strain our lungs through the so-called “deep breathing”, the upper part of our body rises laboriously or the breath is held during the straining, like in many gyms and fitness environments. Rather, by practicing the easy rhythm of your own natural breath, your heartbeat regulates itself, your nervous system slows helping you manage pain, your digestion clears, constipation is relieved and even prevented, inflammation and internal bruising reduced and your ‘vital’ functions stabilize. Breathing, when practiced with regularly in awareness, even ensures and enhances your spinal strength. We draw extensively on the ancient Yogic breathing practices for all we do, because they have worked for all of us and have been tried, tested and used medicinally over thousands of years. Because of the power of these practices they are essentially a prescription that can be tailored to each persons needs and so ideally taught primarily on a one-on-one basis. But because the breath IS the most effective physio, is THE best therapy… and not everyone has a yogi on call, we want to empower you to be your own best therapist so we are sharing our brave breathing practice here with you... You can't practice too much or do any harm, but if you are unsure or have specific lung or heart problems, please check with with your doctor first. Simply play or select download & heal!

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