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join our brave group Practices, Retreats and courses...

we are learning to breathe freely again, to boost our immunes with light, take wild swims, walking meditations, asana in the elements, and meditation

On Mother Nature in all Her glory. we practice traditional restorative Hatha Yoga -

traditional gentle Asana, pranayama & Savasana -

Saturday mornings at 8am, we practice traditional remedial and restorative breathing practices, Asana, and deep relaxation...

Wednesdays at 5.30pm we practice Meditation & Yoga Nidra, with a Nature walk or Wild swim weather permitting 

We host a little brave On & off LINE course over a weekend every 3 months

each week our sessions are designed to harmonise, pacify doshas, minimize the impact of seasonal change - they  include authentic Yogic Pancha Karma

R700 is the requested donation for 12 practices per month.

Your donation will contribute a practice place for a brave in need.

bring a mat and a shawl or blanket. Practices are gentle, mixed-ability remedial yoga practices for all. if you have injuries or illnesses please let us know so we can accommodate you no matter your level of mobility. Brave has extensively trained, highly experienced advanced remedial therapy teachers to help you.

If you what to join us and cannot afford to make a donation, we have sponsored vouchers for you......   see you there!


brave hosts 'Living brave Long weekends every 3 months,
be sure to join us to receive updates on our next 100% natural, organic, products & events

whatever level of mobility you have, try our suggested brave postural positions, they are tried & tested to relive pain, inflammation, and help you be comfortable...

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