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we've also designed a gift take ready for you to download and print says "with Love" English, Sanskrit, Xhosa, Zulu, Shona and Afrikaans write something brave on the back if you are in another country and want to add your languages let us know we'd be happy to make up a tag for you too. you can download a sheet of 8 tags ready to print here -

we are making brave tubs of love for those living rough on our streets...why?

because many are there because they have experienced serious trauma, chronic disease, serious injuries, gender based & domestic violence, lost their jobs

some because they suffer addiction or have been turned out prematurely from Rehabs and hospitals due to Covid19, some are refugees...

we've done all the work to make it super easy

and really meaningful for YOU to lighten someone's heart too...

at brave, we've served those in need daily for decades so we have close relationships and insights into what is really useful, lasting & has the least environmental impact - rather than a cash handout that often feeds a habit.

we are filling our used yogurt containers (yep, most of us have them) with simple, low cost yet very precious items for those who have fallen on hard times...

but any used tub that seals will do -

why in a tub?because you can use it to store food from food banks & soup kitchens to store clean water - a rare thing in a City and it's great for storing valuable items, especially identity documents, Social Security & clinic cards, from the elements     

so whats inside a brave tub of love?


mints or biscuits

easy to dry socks

anti-bacterial soap

toothbrush (child size fits best)

a cotton facecloth

lipbalm, especially in winter

a clean face mask (cotton is best - we all have them lying around)

many of us have plastic spoons or knives & fork sets from takeout delivery cluttering our cupboards...please don't buy new ones - it's so nice to add if you have them, a meal tastes much better when you can enjoy it in a dignified way.

keep a few of your brave tubs of love, in your bag or car ready to hand out when you see someone vulnerable. please consider donating to brave.

if you're in SA you can EFT your donation, we are a registered NPO & issue section18a receipts redeemable from SARS with your personal or company tax return.




ACC NO – 62243979715


or donate now via credit / debit card and paypal here...

why not add other items you may have, perhaps you would like to buy a voucher for a shelter in your area or you may know a Company that makes something meaningful...             

like a raincoat or gloves - write them a note, you never know!       why not get your friends together in a brave circle of Love, each one buying one item ? we may not be able to share physical space much with our nearest & dearest right now but we can share acts of kindness and courage...

you can follow our buckets of love as they  warm hearts & share your pics of your tubs of love on our brave facebook group - recovery warriors group, karma Yogis! 
see you there...
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