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Masimo Margerman donating to brave outreach in Nyanga

Interested donors, funders & corporates, can request our formal proposals for our Mixed Ability Retreat, our audited financials & annual reports here

The brave foundation was initiated in 2004 and registered as a Public Benefit Organisation and Non Profit Trust on 4th December 2008 (Registration Number IT 4760/2008). The organization operates from premises in the Bo-Kaap (High Cape or Schoetsekloof) a rich and historic area in the Malay quarter of central Cape Town. The trust was granted Section 18A tax exemption status by SARS on 11th February 2009 and thus all donations may be claimed as a tax deduction subject to the limits prescribed by the South African Revenue Service (SARS) The current trustees of the trust are:

Robyne Conway – was a Strategic Advisor to Government, Public and Private Enterprise and the Tambo Family at the time of her own Serious Physical Trauma, resulting in a pelvic & spinal injury.  She is the founder of brave, and is now an Advanced Sivananda Yoga & Ayurveda Therapy Teacher, a Satyananda Yoga Nidra Teacher  with 15 years of daily experience in Physical Trauma rehabilitation, in one on one and group settings. She is also highly trained in Homeopathy for Recovery, Naturopathy and Inversion Therapy. She is the author and driving force of all brave training, retreat courses, brave materials and outreach programs – on and off line. She continues to develop all our products & new initiatives globally, on behalf of brave.Her spiritual name is Radha.


Tracey Millen – Experienced professional & small business owner prior to Brave. Tracey is brave trust secretary, book keeper, office coordinator, responsible for all record keeping and administration at brave. She is also a brave Remedial Therapist and runs our brave home care course and workshops. She is involved in brave therapeutic product development and production. She is also the primary carer of her quadriplegic brother, for over a decade, an invaluable experience


Devon Pather  –   is an experienced senior Executive in private enterprise and investment banking. He is currently a director at Gamiro Investment  Group & a non-executive Director of Blake Holdings & Kilowatt AV. He has successfully launched & run a basket of NGO's & socially responsible initiatives, as well as being responsible for their fund-raising. He now fulfills that role at brave, plans our budgets & oversees all proposals, and is our Financial Officer.


Sheila Barsel – Over 30 years of experience in many sectors of Public Health and Public Health Policy including posts in the health cluster of National Government, the SACP, the board of UCT, and NEHAWU where she currently held a post as a Public Health Researcher. Sheila is currently deployed in the Office of the Deputy Speaker in the South African Parliament. Sheila actively participates in brave community outreach liaising with community structures, as well as, in assisting with fund raising and growing the brave family. She is also a TRE therapist.

brave is a grateful annual beneficiary of the Masimo a Badimo Margerman Family Trust for the 5th year running. We have also received donations from the Rolf-Stephan Nussbaum Foundation towards the production of our brave recovery booklet in Xhosa, we have already distributed over 1000 and towards our second HIV/TB group& soup kitchen in in Nyanga

Neal Tennant a registered accountant donates his services as our Accounting Officer annually, brave is audited annually, We also are blessed to have Ben Strauss, Director of Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr Inc donate our legal services, while acting as our legal representatives. We are grateful that in 2011 brave was also designated as a beneficiary and partner of the Oliver Tambo Trust. We are actively engaged in working relationships with The Massimo A Badimo Mrgerman Family Trust, mergence Capital, SANCO, Reliance Compost, Abalimi Trust, Asia Fresh, Chrysalis Academy, Red Cross Children's Hospital, Maitland cottage Children's Orthopedic Hospital & Gift of the Givers. We consider our training and constant support from Ananda Kutir Ashram, Satyananda Center London & Bihar and Amritapuri Maath & University of Ayurveda invaluable and intrinsic part of our ongoing development and success. We are inspired daily to continue serving those in need by Oliver & Adelaide Tambo, whose Foundation brave has a close relationship with, the culture of Ubuntu & the Sivananda Yogic tradition in which we are trained, and the life of Sri Mata Amritananda Mayi Devi,  Amma, the Hugging Saint , who has over 3800 donation based initiatives in Her name.

brave parapalegic practising yoga on beach

Massimo A Badimo Margerman handing over his first donation for our brave  TB/HIV program in Nyanga. We are happy to say he continues his support and has changed the lives of our Nyanga braves for over 7 years now. brave also receives support from tHE oLIVER 7 Adelaide Tambo Foundation & The Rolf-Stephan Nussbaum, Foundation. Most touching are the regular donations from our braves who have themselves been through brave therapy and make contributions from their own disability grants so that others receive the same

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“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”

Nelson Mandela

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