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everything you see in our gallery above is available at our little brave ayurvedic botanical store and via courier . while we work hard to make them all available to you online, you can visit our little brave ayurvedic botanical store or order via courier directly from this page...
we have hundreds of hand made, organic, sustainable, eco printed, 100% natural  yogi wear that will help you heal
be sure to join us or subscribe on this site to receive all the info on our retreats, courses, workshops and our 'living brave long weekends' -

join to receive updates on our next 100% natural, organic, brave  products  or event brave is taking part in
they're a real shopping treat!

remember if you're hooked on a brave product
you can always send us a note and
we'll try our hardest to get it to you
at an affordable cost

little brave ayurvedic botanical store

you can order your organic brave recovery kit or donate one to a warrior in need! brave spends a further R54 on postage per kit so please consider adding when donating to a brave in need.simply click the order button

our BLUE Yogi Pancha Karma CLEANSE KIT i
It has all the tools  you need for
traditional Yogic Pancha Karma practices.
R640 or around $36 excluding postage

order a GREEN Ayurvedic Yogi SPRING CLEANSE KIT- ideal for Pancha Karma it includes our little brave book of Yogic & Ayurvedic Cleanses R840 excluding postage

brave organic Ayurvedic recovery kit
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