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brave on Bolt, healing Bones & Homeopathy

Usain Bolt, Olympic sprinter and famed winner of numerous gold medals has been using homeopathy since the age of 16. He is a patient of German sports doctor Hans-Wilheim Muller-Wohifahrt who uses homeopathy at his Munich clinic. He is also the team doctor for the German national football team and FC Bayern München.”

“I’ve been coming here since I was 16,” the 100m world record holder recently said at a press conference in Munich. “It’s been a long relationship. Every time I have a problem, he always gives good advice and treatments. He’s the best at what he does. We are very close,”

Bolt was born with scoliosis, a curvature of the lower spine, which makes him more susceptible to back pain and injuries.

David Beckham openly acknowledged his use of homeopathy during his recovery from injury in 2002. Other famous sports people using homeopathy to treat injury are Paula Radcliffe, Kelly Holmes, Tyson Gay, Ronaldo, Michael Owen, Steven Gerrard and Boris Becker.

so how to use homeopathy for Bone Trauma & injury

When a bone breaks, it usually requires setting in proper alignment, and then some kind of device (cast/halo/traction etc) to kept the alignment while repairing - in order to heal properly. This process of setting a bone is called "reduction."Setting a bone without surgery is "closed reduction” and most fractures, especially in children, don't require surgery.

More serious or complex fractures usually require open reduction -- re-positioning during surgery. And then once a fracture is “set”, the broken part is immobilized for a period of time to allow the bone to repair - this is called callous formation, which is followed by “remodeling”, the natural method the body uses to return a broken bone to its original shape).

The whole process typically takes 6-12 weeks. Remember invasive surgery often involves bone being traumatized, for example, open-heart surgery, hip replacements, knee replacements etc Below are the more common homeopathic remedies we use at brave after an acute fracture. Each remedy also has many other applications in practice, but we are only describing the specifics related to broken bones, rather than mental and emotional states etc.

Remember that a person could need any one of a much larger number of remedies — which is why we shouldn't self-diagnose nor take off the shelf homeopathic remedies. Homeopaths will always take into account the patient, their constitution, a full case history, over-all state, situation and their specific symptoms when selecting the best possible remedy - for an immediate problem. However this list is useful for those who cannot afford to see or cannot reach a homeopath, but can access remedies.

Arnica: reduces the pain and swelling that accompanies any injury or wound; typically the injury will show a degree of blunt trauma to soft tissues – which in turn leads to swelling, pain, bruising and discoloration. It should be given as soon as possible after the injury. Remember that after Arnica is taken, the swelling can be so reduced that it might be difficult to tell from observation alone that there is a fracture. The person will describe a body that feels bruised, as if someone has beaten him or her up. The affected bones are highly sensitive and very painful at the slightest touch. Often they complain that the bed is be very hard, and so they need constant change of position in their search for an elusive, soft, comfortable spot on which to lie.

Hypericum: is ideal for fractures in areas that are rich in nerves for example fingers, toes and spine. Often indicated for those that suffer a crushing injury (with or without a break), Hypericum brings welcome pain relief when there is great pain directly around a break, or if sensation is affected whether heighten or lack thereof.

Bryonia: This remedy might be indicated in the days after the injury, when the shock and trauma have subsided but even the slightest motion brings on tremendous pain. The person wants to stay perfectly quiet and still because jarring, causes acute pain at the site of injury, even after bone has been set. Person is usually irritable and cranky, and desires to be left alone.

Calcarea phosphorica: This remedy is very useful when X-ray shows bone healing is slow, inhibited or impaired, after the usual appropriate amount of time post op or in a cast.; So it's chief indicator is bone that is slow to heal - The over-all mood of those in this state is irritable, restless, and 'sour'.

Eupatorium perfoliatum: When deep or aching pain within, at or near the site of a surgical bone trauma or fracture is present. It's ideal to administer the time of the bone trauma, but can also be useful weeks later if this kind of pain persists. Often the person will complain of general aching in the body, even in areas far from the site of the bone trauma or break (much like typical bone ache that accompanies flu symptoms or bone pain during fever. Pains are often present in head, back, chest and limbs. Many describe that the bones 'feel as if they are broken'.

Ruta graveolens: This remedy's action is to help heal injuries to the periosteum: the dense, fibrous material that covers bone and also makes up the tissue in the areas where tendons and muscles attach to bone. When bone fractures or breaks these areas are also impacted. People needing Ruta describe a bruised painful feeling that remains and a restless, beyond the expected time of recovery. Ruta is also indicated when the pain around a fracture is extreme,AND the person describes feeling lame or weak. Also helpful when pain persists after treating with Arnica, or once a cast is removed.

Symphytum: the homeopaths 'bone repairer' also known as "bone knit"- Symphytum promotes the healing. setting and rebuilding of bone. Homeopaths routinely prescribe immediately after any bone trauma. It can also be useful for older 'past injury' when pain remains in already healed fractures. It should be in every homeopathic first aid kit. Homeopathic remedy especially good with penetrating injuries of bone. Pain can be of any character but the main presentation is pricking type of pain often accompanied by deep 'soreness' in the affected bone itself. best used in tincture form.

Mezereum and Aurum Met: bone pain at night.

Mezereum and Aurum Met are specific in treating night pains in bone. Mezereum is mainly to treat Bone Pain that presents in long bones that worsens at at night,may be swollen or inflamed and are sensitive to the Slightest touch, The person will show an increased sensitivity towards cold air.

Aurum Met is indicated for Bone Pains of nose, palate, cranium and face that worsen at night. The person will feel better for moving in open air.

Agaricus: pain in spinal vertebrae. Person presents with extremely sensitive and pain in the spinal bone excited by the slightest motion of body. Pain is worst in the Morning. Cold air exposure aggravates and worsens symptoms.

and for Pain affecting SMALL bones -

Actaea Spicata is best when the pain in small bones gets worse by either touch or motion. The pain will be of a tearing or tingling character.

Caulophyllum when shifting type of pain is felt in small bones and the pain suddenly migrates from one bone to another.

Ruta, is suited for pain in small bones arising specifically from injury and with marked soreness and pain.

and Pain affecting LONG bones - (thigh, leg, upper arm, forearm)

Asafoetida in cases where the long bones involved are sensitive to an extreme level and are throbbing in nature. Bone Pains due to bone necrosis or caries where sensitivity is marked are best dealt with by Asafoetida.

Mezereum pain in long bones that gets worse at night, aggravated by touch and cold air, leg pain arising in tibia Cinnabaris pain in bone of forearm.

for Chronic Bone Pain in Chronic conditions -

We are not going to go into specifics here because of the complexity in treating these states, we strongly encourage you to see a Homeopath regularly. Diet, movement, load bearing, mental state, environment, prescribed medications all have a huge impact on chronic bone conditions and so any medicines should not be used in isolation - there are no magic wands...

We have complied a list of commonly prescribed remedies and their main action:

Calcarea Phos - helps to strengthen bone and improve absorption of calcium which in turn increases bone density. When the bones get proper calcium, they strengthen and pain reduces.

Calcarea Fluor - often prescribed when the pain in bones of back is felt while resting and gets better by motion.

Fluoric Acid - works best for pain in long bone is felt due to Osteoporosis and/or when bone pain increases at night. Merc Sol can also be indicated when the Bone Pains are worse at night.

Symphytum - often used in the last stages of Osteoporosis where the bone has broken with extreme pain. Here, Symphytum helps to reduce Bone Pain and also proves effective in promoting the repairing and reuniting the fractured bone.

Phosphoric Acid - bone pains are burning and tearing in nature. The periosteum of bone is inflamed with a sensation is if the bones are being scraped with a knife.

Silicea - ideal remedy when fever with bone chills due to Osteomyelitis.

Lower potencies are best at the time of injury and higher post injury. At brave, we generally use 200c for physical presentation of symptoms and 1m potencies for more over-all symptoms i.e. physical pain accompanied with emotional or mental pain etc or we use the 1m once the 200c has done it's job :) While Homeopathy appears simple, it is very complex and specific and so ....always see a Homeopath rather than navigate this medicine alone.

Om Namah Sivaya

brave is a registered non-profit that has supported over 2000 people through their Recovery from Serious Physical Trauma - on a donation basis. Using an integrated rehabilitative approach, we practice a daily brave Recovery Regime of Breath, Yoga Therapy, Ayurvedic nutrition, Inversion Therapy, Somatics, Homeopathy and Peer to peer support. United, we are committed to using the Physical Trauma Recovery Experience as an opportunity for building a new life filled with unlimited possibility.Based in the BoKaap, Cape Town, over the past 9 years, our community has grown across continents, injuries, abilities and disabilities, cultures and conditions toward one goal - well BEingThe information shared is not intended as a substitute for the advice and treatment by your doctors and/or health care professionals from all disciplines, Allopathic, Homeopathic, Ayurvedic. It is designed to compliment and enhance a Health Care Regime. If you are injured, have an illness and/or are pregnant, you must seek professional treatment and advice from registered, reputable health care provider before practising any of the techniques, practises or treatments recorded, published and depicted by brave and it's members.

Copyright @ Brave Foundation 2017

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