do the changing seasons affect your immune? - Allergies, Chronic Fatigue, Infections & Immobilit

how to best build & restore your Immune

practices -

Ujjayi pranayama - boosts metabolism helps circulation and release of accumulations oxygenates - the enemy of bacteria. You can be guided in this on our brave CD, just click the listen link on our site

brahmari (bee sound breath) with tapping at sternum/thymus and whole rib cage - shakes loose accumulations, releases phlegm, stimulates thymus (immune central) helps lung movement circulates air in lowest lobes, encourages expulsion of mucous

asana and practices that allow the rib cage to expand are very beneficial. This can be simple shoulder rolls and spinal flexes like chakravakasana (cat stretch) to more demanding asana like Bhujangasana (cobra)

mudras -

Prana Mudra (Mudra of Life):

Method:Bend ring finger and little finger to touch the tip of thumb –

keep top of tips touching gently and the remaining two fingers out stretched.

Effect: This is the “life giving” mudra, so it improves our life force. Weak, infirm people become stronger. It reduces clamping in blood vessels. If practiced regularly, we become energized and active.There is no particular time duration or limitation for this mudra. Practice by sitting, standing or lying on your bed whenever and wherever you can.

Benefits:It improves immunity, improves the power of eyes and reduces eye related diseases

It removes the vitamin deficiency and fatigue

elements & DOSHA – ether /earth/water = VATA KAPHA PACIFYING

Ayurvedic remedies -

Triphala - this remedy compromises 3 leaves. It is the Ayurvedic remedy for regulating and harmonising digestion. If you are prone to accumulating pitta (heat/acid) a take one teaspoon in warm water in the morning and one at night (+-250mg). If you are not prone to pitta problems take 1 full teaspoon at night in warm water. NB. if you get diarrhea cut down the dosage.

Amla - made from the amla berry.One amla berry = the vitamin C of 4 oranges! It is a immune booster, an astringent and a stabilizer. It improves ones absorption of medicines. Dosage is one teaspoon 200mg tablet in the morning with food.

Ashwagandha - it is an adaptogen and an immune booster. It will aid in the better absorption of nutrients. Dosage 1 teaspoon 200mg in warm milk with a pinch of tumeric in the morning.

Propolis - anti fungal, bacterial and viral. Those beautiful bees!! Take 10 drops3 x per day with honey for 3 days then repeat one dose daily if necessary for a week

Reishi mushroom tea - anti viral and antibiotic. It is one of the most prized Chinese remedies and has 148 antibiotic properties. Boil a about 200ml of water and add mushroom when boiling. Boil for a further 4 minutes and allow to simmer for 10 minutes. Only have 70ml once a day for 3 days, then once a week indefinitely?!

Nutrition -

It is best to drink loads of ginger tea made with grated ginger root or only warm water to flush the kidneys and bladder.

Also note that bacteria multiply in kapha (cold wet heavy sweet and salty) and so follow a kapha-vata passifying diet - DON'T EAT KAPHA TASTES especially SALT, AVOID KAPHA ENCOURAGING TEMPERATURES, no cold refrigerated food , NO TINNED food or food in brine

no dairy NO calcium nor minerals (YOU ARE SIMPLY FEED ING THE BEASTS :) and remember that lots of plants contain calcium, eg most nuts.

also AVOID RICH AND HEAVY food... it's hard to digest so you become acidic then the body makes mucous to dilute the acid and so the bacteria once again have a party - no meat, no chickpea, no unsoaked lentils, eat yellow rather than black dahls, barley rather than wheat Consider eating light and simple meals and add a dash of spice. Swap your cream for coconut milk and whip up a nice Thai veg green curry with basmati rice.

Cut back on the fruit. They are COLD, WET & usually create acid -no good. veg (cooked) is better. That includes smoothies protein shakes etc THINK SOUP instead... make the smoothie and then heat until almost boiling and