bravely taming the tiger called mind

We see the many hundreds of people who are clearly suffering from mental health problems in our workplaces, living rough on our streets, even in our own homes, we ourselves are inundated with media reports of violence,

we witness the rize in addiction to legal and illegal drugs,

we literally eat and sleep the brutality every day -

and we blame

we blame government -

we blame corruption -

we blame the internet -

we blame we blame companies

we blame

we say there isn't enough this, enough that ..... enough control enough policing........

but what is truly to blame is us

and our the collective mind... a mind that promotes destructive values:

and who do we blame for this 'mind' ? well we say "God of course" or "religion"

we even ask the Divine why as if this suffering is outside of us, so numb - we have become...

but... what is actually to blame is nothing but US, and the way we are living in our little everyday lives

- each one of us in this collective soup

and yet each one of us, deep down inside, KNOW there IS a way to solve all the worlds problems, to end the suffering and that yes EACH one of us can and should make a difference -

its called right living, SIMPLE, not a new idea, not a new fad - no -

thousands of years tried and tested -

wake with the sun, clean your body, mind and heart internally and externally, eat when the sun is hottest not when its the darkest,rest when all living things rest -

live in harmony with those around you, with Mother Earth & with the seasons -

and know that what you eat IS who you will be 3 days from now...

what you take in, every respect, through all of your senses - IS your mind,

Is our collective mind...

Too much rajas (excessive stimulation/heat) or tamas (inertia, lethargy) distort the natural harmony of the mind and have a negative impact on our lives.