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brave practices & our 💙 botanical long weekends

Join our living brave long weekends - we call them our 💙 love botanicals - on and off line -

to learn about all things ORGANIC, NATURAL, PLANT based and AHIMSA free :)

Come and get your Ayurvedic hand-made 100% chemical free gifts. We have beautiful non-toxic CANDLES, hand-made ORGANIC INCENSE and SMUDGES, organic OILS, Ayurvedic SUPPLEMENTS & taillams, triple-milled additive free SOAPS, BALMS and cottons....

along with Sacred ayurvedic & homeopathic REMEDIES, BHASMAS, malas from sustainable wood, including SANDALWOOD and hand blended wild foraged tea infusion blends :) we organically grow or wild forage all our herbs and botanicals including European Chamomile, Brahmi Tulsi Ashwaganda and organic heirloom veggies.

all brave soaps are Ayurvedically blended, hand -made, Triple-milled chemical and additive FREE soap :) all plant material is organic and wild harvested come and get yours at our brave 💙 wild harvested SEAWEED VATA pacifying Goats milk & Ylang Ylang wrapped in RAW WOOL NEEM & ROSE GERANIUM WILD JASMIN & SANDALWOOD BLACK SESAME .. just a few of our artisanal seasonal soaps. for each one sold one is donated to a brave in need so come and share the 💙 ... you can read about the benefits of Seaweed for skin here :

we have Just picked organic German chamomile, geranium, Hibiscus flower blends , lotus leaves & blue lotus petals for our brave blue lotus series : Lotus leaf, chamomile & blue lotus petal tea, lotus leaf wrapped Ayurvedic Triple-milled chemical and additive FREE soap :) oh and Mpepo for sacred smudges read about the benefits of chamomile here :

why not book your own, safe, private brave botanical shopping session..

we will be on hand to guide you....

we host our little brave courses each year on and offline - here are just a few...

with Radha, founder of brave, an advanced remedial Yoga teacher, Ayurvedic practitioner who also has expertise in Homeopathy & Natural medicine for Recovery & well being for over 17 years & other experienced teachers, ayurvedic doctors & specialists in the traditional Yogic and Ayurvedic lineages . -

Yogic Living - Practice, Diet, Pancha Karma & Detox - the traditional Yogic & Ayurvedic approach

Kit includes brave Cleanse notes, brave Ayurvedic Oil, traditional bolus, tongue cleaner, Ayurvedic supplements & Vetiver Body scrubber

the Sacred use of Homeopathy in this age - Lotus, Bhasmas & the 9 gems of the Divine Feminine

Kit includes brave homeopathic notes, brave homeopathic remedy, sacred bhasma & Archana practices

the secrets of making traditional Ayurvedic Indian Dahl, Basmati Rice and Raita.

Krishaan from much loved vegetarian and vegan restaurants Prashaad teaches us how to make Ayurvedic traditional Yellow Dahl & Basmati Rice, how to make and roll Roti, and how to make a delicious Raita. - Your kit includes Notes, an Indian Roti roller, the spices you need so you can try at home AND a delicious Dahl LUNCH INCLUDED - YUM he also teaches VEGAN OPTIONS

the Sacred Space of the Spiritual heart and RED Tara followed by the ancient practice of Antar Mouna with the Red Tara Meditation -

Kit includes a recorded practice, brave mala, brave oil & eye bag

ALL brave retreats, workshops and TALKS have limited space, so please book early!

brave activities are in AID of those In Recovery from Serious Physical Trauma.

and include a brave kit of products relating to the talk (please see each talk)

be brave and share the love


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