brave practices & our 💙 botanical long weekends

Om to all our brave family 💙 brave therapy, remedial yoga & meditation groups have begun!

we're keeping our requested donations the same as last year given our Country's economic woes, R400 for one on one sessions (you can claim these and general donations to brave back from SARS with you annual tax return) and R100 for groups - all are welcome so bring a friend! we are practising all groups outdoors in Nature

Exciting news is that we will be opening our little brave botanical shop & continuing our living brave long weekends - 💙 love botanical -

on and off line - for our brave love of all things ORGANIC, NATURAL, PLANT based and AHIMSA free :)

Just picked organic German chamomile, lotus leaves & blue lotus petals for our brave blue lotus series : Lotus leaf, chamomile & blue lotus petal tea, homeopathic Sacred Blue Lotus remedy, lotus leaf wrapped Ayurvedic Triple-milled chemical and additive FREE soap :) oh and Mpepo for sacred smudges read about the benefits of chamomile here :

Come and get your Ayurvedic hand-made 100% chemical free Valentines gifts. We have beautiful non-toxic CANDLES, hand-made ORGANIC INCENSE and SMUDGES, organic OILS, Ayurvedic SUPPLEMENTS & taillums, triple-milled additive free SOAPS, BALMS and cottons.... along with Sacred LOTUS REMEDIES, holy BHASMAS, sustainable SANDALWOOD and Homeopathic love POTIONS! :) We have also have rare organically grown plants

including European Chamomile, Brahmi and organic heirloom veggies

Brave soaps are Ayurvedically blended, hand -made, Triple-milled chemical and additive FREE soap :) all plant material is organic and wild harvested come and get yours at our brave 💙

wild harvested SEAWEED VATA pacifying Goatsmilk & Ylang Ylang wrapped in RAW WOOL NEEM & ROSE GERANIUM WILD JASMIN & SANDALWOOD BLACK SESAME .. just a few ofnour artisinal seasonal soaps. for each one sold one is donated to a brave in need so come and share the 💙 ... you can read about the benefits of Seaweed for skin here :

book your own, safe, private brave botanical shopping session..