are your food combinations making you sick? Ayureveda's basics

Food combinations & temperatures and Our Digestion

In the yogic science and Ayurveda, food is medicine.

And Like all medicine, it is said to consist of different chemical compositions.

These can be experienced directly during the 3 stages of tasting or 3 RASA (a more accurate way of conveying this concept of RASA would be ‘taste in action’ – as it is happening) It’s an incredible skill, the sensory enabling of a human being to taste a ‘medicine’s’ composition, and therefore experience and/or deduce its potency or power, and then, also to know in advance, the action it will result when you eat it – in your Digestive system.

because simply put - if you are aware - you EXPERIENCE these 3 RASA and you will experience each one to have a different taste, no matter how subtle:

on entering the mouth,

while chewing and

after chewing,

you experience an after taste

The Yogic Science & Ayurveda goes further in saying that the middle taste, will be most dominant and therefore that middle taste will have the most dominant specific effects on one’s entire being, not just your physicality. For example eating a hot chilli will not only heat your body, but also your emotional and mental state, eating ice cream will most definitely chill you out! A heavy Pizza will make you heavy headed and eating light and airy rice cakes will make you spaced out and often also full of hot air!

Now this is where we often get confused.

Because eating ice- cream will COOL – but only temporarily –

It will drop your internal temperature and after a short while, your digestive tract will respond to the sudden drop and seek to raise the inner fire once again, to its optimum. It is always looking to keep a certain degree