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meet bravest Lovemore...

Om Braves,

meet Lovemore :)

He is a refugee who has TB of the spine...given his lack of documentation he doesn't qualify for help from the state. He is homeless, he is unemployed and without any grant or funding at all, he is also shoe- less and his wheelchair is incomplete and inadequate...

He touched the heart of brave Kenneth Mulaudzi , a brave Joburg Paraplegic himself, as he drove past him daily in is a little from Kenny :

Hello Brave warrior family, as you know that most of us whom are living with physical challenges or disability and coming across difficulties don't want others to go through the same and our aim is about giving hope, rebuilding shattered dreams due to disabality. As always when we see a need of helping one who is in need we do our best to help. I met this guy who is from Zimbabwe in Boksburg East of Gauteng, he rolls at that traffic light asking or begging for anything you can give. The guy is in a wheelchair and the wheelchair he is using is totally torn apart, not something any human being with a disability can use, I was in tears in seeing that.

As you know that South African government can give those that are not of South African by birth or do not have permanent residence disability Grant and wheelchairs. I am asking you good people,if anyone if you have an extra wheelchair or an old one that is usable, please give it to him. brave will make arrangements for pickup and delivery, If you are based around Gauteng I can come and collect myself!

If you also wish to donate clothes or shoes or anything you would like, please also do so. And the last one that I know that most you don't want to hear it,"you can also help him financial so that if we don't come right with an old wheelchair we can buy him an affordable wheelchair." I am pleading with you on behalf of him. Thank you in advance all.

Kenneth Mulaudzi.

So We need to find him:

1. clothing - he is a men's medium 2. shoes - he is a size 6 3. a wheelchair - he is a 16 inch with a foam seat 4. a decent mattress to he can heal his pressure sores with bedding

pleeeeeeeeease help :) brave will co-ordinate so please communicate directly with us...

if you would like to make a paypal donation you can do so through our website

or please message us at for our bank details to deposit directly into our brave account

THANK you !

bravest Lovemore :)

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