meditate for the Mother City, natural disinfectant & Ahimsa

Om :) We will be MEDITATING FOR THE MOTHER CITY of cape Town during all our practices at brave. This as our City edges closer to becomes the first City in Modern times to run out of water - What an indictment of our times and our greed when the affectionately called "Mother City" can no longer nurture us and we can no longer heal Her. Time for change, Please join!

Simply set aside a few minutes and ask the DIVINE Mother in which ever form you see Her, for RAIN, healing, for the gift of compassion, Unity, and that those in positions of power find the courage to consider the poor, disabled, infirm, children and the vulnerable, that they focus on the water crisis rather than creating the industry of water.

If you are in Cape Town our schedule is below, if you are anywhere else in the world

please include our City in your practices and prayers.

We ask all Capetonian braves to please make every effort to not allow your plants to die - A little extra effort to gather every drop of your 'used' water will be enough. Use Natural soaps and cleaning materials (see our brave recipe below) they won't be harmed - and neither will you! We rely on plants to stave off global warming and climate change - allowing them to die due to the water crisis simply empowers a larger, underlying catastrophe.

make brave's so easy to make, NATURAL, skin friendly disinfectant in any glass bottle -

  1. To clean your bottle, fill the bottle with boiling water, add a teaspoon of salt and leave to stand for 10 minutes

  2. ADD THE PEEL & JUICE of 2 WASHED LEMONS & 5 cloves - SMELLS GREAT! if you are really worried about smells after poops :) add another lemon and a few more cloves - you can also add ORANGE PEEL, you'll smell fresh!

  3. Pour 2 CUPS (500mls) BOILING WATER into your glass bottle, add a new TEASPOON of SALT - shake

  4. Now Add 1 CUP regular VINEGAR (250mls)

  5. Next add 15 DROPS or 1/2 a SMALL CAP of EUCALYPTUS OIL ( you can get at pharmacies &supermarkets, even in rural areas - it's inexpensive)

  6. if you have honey - add one teaspoon - it's anti-bacterial and disinfects, you can also use plain honey as a anti-bac alternative to a wound cream - for burns, pressure sores or open wounds, so it's worth keeping a jar handy)

  7. Put cap back on, shake again * leave IN A DARK PLACE or your fridge for 3 days before using -

  8. For washing, mopping & wiping surfaces you want to disinfect like toilet/ basin/ buckets/ floor:

  9. Use 2 TABLESPOONS PER LITRE of your disinfectant of water* you don’t need to rinse the mixture off - just leave it.

  10. For washing oneself: 1 TABLESPOON PER LITRE. if you like, you can boil the water first and then add your disinfectant - store your disinfectant in a cool, dark place or your fridge; screw top on tightly & it will last one year*

  11. keep away from and out of reach of children, DO NOT DRINK - makes around 500 mls *

  12. Pour out all the boiled water - DO NOT RINSE AGAIN or touch the inside


Lastly we ask you all to practice AHIMSA - Non Violence during this time. In the Yogic tradition this extends far beyond not being physically or verbally violent with others nor yourself. It also means checking your thoughts, your intentions, your inner state and your inter-connectedness to all living things...your role in maintaining the harmony and balance of nature. It means understanding each action in this context. It means not committing an act of violence against Mother NATURE. Lets use this crisis as an opportunity to bring our families, friends and communities into Yoga/Union. Lets use this as an opportunity to give knowledge, skills, hope, CALM and TO PROMOTE PEACE rather than the stream of str