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meditating on Mother Nature & making your own natural disinfectant ...

Om :) We will be MEDITATING FOR THE MOTHER CITY of cape Town during all our practices at brave.

This as our City has overcome what its like to run out of water and a pandemic

What an indictment of our times and our greed when the affectionately called "Mother City" can no longer nurture us and we are destroying "Mother Nature" Herself.

Time for change,

Please join!

Simply set aside a small place for a small candle, flower, shell or any other Natural object,

add a small bowl of water, and if you like an image of Mother Nature

sit for a few minutes every day, or each week and ask the DIVINE Mother Nature

in which ever form you see Her,

for RAIN, healing of our planet, protection for all living things,

for the gift of compassion, Unity,

and that those in positions of power find the courage to consider the poor, disabled, infirm, children and the vulnerable...

If you are in Cape Town our schedule is below in this post for you to join us in person...

after a few weeks use the water in your little bowl to bless your plants, water sources, all living things...

it will pick up the vibrations of your words and intentions.

We ask all global braves to please make every effort to not allow your plants to die no mater how difficult -

A little extra effort to gather every drop of your 'used' water will be enough.

please also practice these:

Use Natural soaps and cleaning materials they won't be harmed - and neither will you!

(see our brave recipe below)

We rely on plants to stave off global warming and climate change - grow your own, a little potplant goes a long way

consider becoming vegetarian


make brave's so easy to make, NATURAL, skin friendly disinfectant in any glass bottle

rather than use harsh, cancer causing forever chemicals

  • To clean your bottle, fill the bottle with boiling water, add a teaspoon of salt and leave to stand for 10 minutes


  • if you are really worried about smells after poops :) add another lemon and a few more cloves -

  • you can also add ORANGE PEEL, you'll smell fresh!

  • Pour 2 CUPS (500mls) BOILING WATER into your glass bottle, add a new TEASPOON of SALT - shake

  • Now Add 1 CUP regular VINEGAR (250mls)

  • Next add 15 DROPS or 1/2 a SMALL CAP of EUCALYPTUS OIL

  • you can get at pharmacies &supermarkets, even in rural areas - it's inexpensive

  • if you have honey - add one teaspoon - it's anti-bacterial and disinfects

  • you can also use plain honey as a anti-bac alternative to a wound cream - for burns, pressure sores or open wounds

  • Put cap back on, shake again * leave IN A DARK PLACE or your fridge for 3 days before using -

  • For washing, mopping & wiping surfaces you want to disinfect like toilet/ basin/ buckets/ floor:

  • Use 2 TABLESPOONS PER LITRE of your disinfectant of water* you don’t need to rinse the mixture off - just leave it.

  • For washing oneself: 1 TABLESPOON PER LITRE. if you like, you can boil the water first and then add your disinfectant -

  • store your disinfectant in a cool, dark place or your fridge; screw top on tightly & it will last one year*

  • keep away from and out of reach of children, DO NOT DRINK - makes around 500 mls *

  • Pour out all the boiled water - DO NOT RINSE AGAIN or touch the inside


Lastly we ask you all to practice AHIMSA - Non Violence during this time.

In the Yogic tradition this extends far beyond not being physically or verbally violent with others nor yourself. It also means checking your thoughts, your intentions, your inner state and your inter-connectedness to all living things...

your role in maintaining the harmony and balance of nature. It means understanding each action in this context. It means not committing an act of violence against Mother NATURE. Lets use this crisis as an opportunity to bring our families, friends and communities into Yoga/Union. Lets use this as an opportunity to give knowledge, skills, hope, CALM and TO PROMOTE PEACE rather than the stream of stressful media who are being subjected to.

Our brave sessions are all on a donation basis, for those who can afford. We will once more, not increase our requested donation of R100 for group yoga sessions (open to all abilities) :) we hope this helps you, your family and friends,

practice more!

One on one sessions will remain R450 per 1hr30 mins (2hrs two hours for those with mobility issues or in recovery) .

Should you want to begin or continue, groups or one on one sessions please inbox.

Brave is an all ability environment - all are welcome irrespective of level, age, physical ability or different ability.the following groups remain as always:

8.30am to 10am Saturdays - Traditional Yoga Nidra & MEDITATION group 5.45pm - 7pm Wednesdays - restorative Hatha Yoga - asana, pranayama & savasana group

remember you can download practices free from this site too

One on one session times are 9.30am/ 11am/ 2pm and 5pm DAILY and FOR THOSE IN RECOVERY FROM PHYSICAL TRAUMA AND CHRONIC ILLNESSES, including Spinal Injury, stroke, amputation etc. Should you want to have Remedial Recovery sessions at brave but are unable to make any donation, we do subsidize therapy fully as a community for those who are on disability grants or who genuinely cannot afford. We will also cover your transport if you are in need.

If you have suggestions or requests for a group session or meditation at a particular time or on a day we should consider -

please let us know :) we are here to serve all brave practices are REMEDIAL gentle and taught in the traditional way. At brave, we are advanced SIVANANDA trained teachers & Ayurvedic therapists.

We offer Homeopathic consultations and pancha karma.

brave is a registered NPO based in Bo Kaap, Cape Town.


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