join our gentle seasonal cleanse...

Just like Nature around us, this time of seasonal change, is when the body starts to come out of it's Winter go-slow and prepare of a time of new growth.

Much like the ice on the great peaks of the Himalaya, our stores of unwanted fats with residues of toxins, are going to melt in Spring and be stored in Autumn - Some of you may even be experiencing this liquid in the form of sinusitis or hay fever, or your body may be pushing these out through your biggest organ, your skin in the form of a rash or diarrhoea - if you're lucky! For many, we have abused our bodies for so long they no longer have these options available, so our "stores" and their toxic sludge are staying there put - pesticides, additives, medications, even anaesthetic, not to mention the chemicals produced by your own negative emotions & thought patterns - All sapping our energy, forming the basis of a tumour, polluting glands or lymph and over-loading our digestions, livers, kidneys and lives. Who would live in their home for a year without cleaning it or throwing away the trash - But we do this to our first home - our body! None of us would dream of driving our cars at high speed, revving to the max & flooding the engine, clogging it with cheap fuels every day, but never stopping to replace the oil, water or anti-freeze - at brave, we follow the ancient yogic tradition of a GENTLE and light fast at these times, and only when the weather is consistently warm enough to sweat, so we can get rid of what we let go of - in all respects.

So what is a fast or cleanse really?

In the West, we have many misconceptions & errors in view when it comes to purification and fasting. We think of both requiring extreme approaches & fanatical methods - for short periods of time. and when it suits us - rather than Mother Nature... But in actuality, to fast means to 'lighten', to give your body a little holiday from constant churn... allow it time to reset it's instruments, metabolism and work on your cellular health rather than having an over-loaded dustbin, full of physical, mental and emotional rubbish to deal with. you'll probably eat more than you usually do! and therefore how you experience your life. It’s just not physiologically possible for stress loving, a toxin filled brain to fire evenly and calmly! and hopefully it'll stay that way....this regime is great for correcting eating issues, developing a new relationship with your food, with how you nourish yourself, just what, when and how you eat will be very different,

because again, contrary to many regimes today, what the body needs to rejuvenate and cleanse is -

  • high value nutrients, in volume, and in "easy to digest & absorb' form

  • intake of food and water at the best times of day for the body to use them

  • oil to lubricate the channels that move the residues of toxic fats out

  • bulk and fiber to push waste through the sewers :)

  • gentle practices that promote cleansing, metabolism & ease - physically mentally and emotionally.

should everyone fast and cleanse ? why do some people find it easier to fast or cleanse than others? why do some experience ill effects? because we ARE all in different bodies! Just take a look around you... The oldest medicinal system known as Ayurveda, groups everything into 3 main constitutional types you may have heard of: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. each of these groupings has specific attributes and characteristics... It also says that when these accumulate, they create UNease that leads to DISease. These accumulations are called Dosha. Much like with the plant kingdom, you can't feed and water a cactus, an orchid and a wind flower the same way, and expect good results. Yogic Science teaches that we should all undergo a cleanse in our life time, ideally annually, and then once we are established in that - we can even practice fasting once a month or even once a week, depending on our constitution and situation. So our brave seasonal cleanse is specifically designed to be safe for all 3 constitutional types.