we'd love to see you...

Om :) please join us for our Living brave Long weekend!

its a chance to take time away from the distractions of City Life, reconnect with your brave family & your Self, get all your favourite organic, 100% natural handmade and Ayurvedically blended brave products and our exciting new ones :) and immerse yourself in brave Yogi living .... all while helping us raise funds for each item sold one is donated.

100 % of proceeds will be used to help those in recovery from Serious Physical Trauma at Bo Kaap & our Remedial Yoga Therapy program in Nyanga, KTC.

We've specially prepared our organic botanicals, healing salves, pure cotton and silk clothing, authentic Ayurvedic supplements from AmritaLife, Matansima (our brave Farmer) is bringing his delicious fresh organic veggies, we have some beautiful sacred serums & soaps made by the brave for you, the brave. Our product Fair is open Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10am - 7pm. You can also order a monthly brave box full of hand-picked fresh Veggies and a small brave oil, a brave soap and surprise Yogi Living item - all for R200.

You can share in our TruthTalks with very special Teachers and our Nightly Mediation Course - all FREE . It's the best tool for improving your health, well-being and emotional continuity, We'll teach you a simple, easy, AUTHENTIC Yogic meditation techniques you can begin to practice on your own. The benefits of meditation, including improving your concentration, reducing stress and pain management are well documented. You too are entitled to EASE. Even old brave Yogis can always do with a re MINDer :)

Then there's our brave YogiBioscope :) we are screening to incredible documentaries for you to see, FREE, after our nighty talk and meditation.

Our meditation course begins on THURSDAY 7PM - 8PM with RADHA's short talk what meditation is, the do's and dont's followed by our first simple, easy brave meditation technique. You can attend just one night's practice or all 4!

We don't often get to meet those who are truly walking their spiritual path in this modern world....let alone listen to what they have learnt AND get to ask those profound questions we cant find answers to on Google! Please join SWAMI VIDYANANDA from Ananda Kutir for his TALK and simple, GUIDED MEDITATION, on FRIDAY 3rd at 7pm. SwamiJI's talk & meditation will be on "Love and Yoga", on Friday 3rd August 7-8pm.

He is the head of Ananda Kutir Ashrama, where brave teachers themselves received training and a significant institution in the spiritual community of Cape Town. It has its roots in the vision and philosophy of the revered Yogic linage of Swami Sivananda Maharaj, founder of the Divine Life Society in Rishikesh, India, often credited with opening up the Yogic teachings to the West. You don't want to miss it :)