"Health is not everything,

But nothing is worth anything without it.

There is a difference between those two temporal blessings, health & money.

MONEY is the most envied but least enjoyed.

HEALTH is the most enjoyed

but least envied;

this superiority of the latter is still more obvious

when we reflect that the poorest man

would not part with health for money,

but the richest would gladly part with every cent for health.


Turyiana Acharyia (Glenn Hudson-Ross)

In the west we have many misconceptions & errors in view when it comes to purification and fasting. We think of both requiring extreme approaches & fanatical methods - for short periods of time. But in actual fact, purification happens daily and seasonally, in spite of our damaging eating and behavioural habits. Your body, thankfully, is a fantastic detoxing instrument capable of ridding you of even the most harmful pesticides, additives as well as, the chemicals produced by your own negative emotions & thought patterns. However, one wouldn’t dream of continuing to drive your car at high speed, revving & flooding the engine, clogging it with cheap fuels, not replacing the water or anti-freeze when necessary. But we are happy to do this to our body! One would never live in your home for a year without cleaning it or throwing away the trash- But this is what we do to our first home - our body….

The reason why all great religions & teaching incorporate the idea of purification is because one can't experience meditation or even sit still enough to glimpse inner peace - let alone enlightenment - in a filthy temple! It’s just not physiologically possible for a toxin filled brain to fire evenly. Of course, the added benefits of well being, EASE rather than DIS EASE & living longer are reason enough to devote 2 weeks a year to cleansing this incredible instrument - YOUR BODY. So when is the best time to purify?

No doubt we can find a thousand reasons to delay but the time of year is of critical importance - again all great religions agree at least on this, Spring and Autumn -