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our organic ayurvedically blended oils are perfect to harmonise your constitution every day. They can be used for abhyanga or self-massage, on hands and feet or just as a natural perfume - that harmonises and heals. Our large bottles are 100ml of heaven!

They also come in 3 smaller 30ml sets, helping you navigate seasonal change, stressful experiences, seasonal colds or aggrevations - what we call in Ayurveda, dosha accumulation... a set is a great way to learn to be your own best therapist. or to use as a family. Sets come in conveinient stainless steel containers for travel.

brave organic dosha pacifying oils

SKU: 364215375135191
  • Pure  Oraganic ANTI-OXIDANT dosha neutral Grapeseed carrier oil blended with ayurvedically made thaillums and cold processed essential oils in recyclable glass bottles

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