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our little brave book is available FREE in Xhosa & English and is written by the brave for the brave.

It's free to all in Recovery,

just click the cover with the language you need.

download free brave guide for healing English
download free brave guide for healing Xhosa

all brave support, services and therapy are available to anyone in Recovery from Serious Physical Trauma, recent or past, from early stages in hospital, rehab, at home or at brave.brave extends it’s support to your family, employer and friends when needed.


On Joining, in order to safely  and gently enhance your Healing, Strength & Mobility, whether you are in one-on–one Sessions, Support therapy sessions, you will receive Practical support, Recovery tips, tools & hands-on-help that will empower you & your family to deal with all the hands-on aspects of Recovery including:

  • Peer-to-peer Recovery Support & Trauma Counseling

  • one on one & group sessions

  • Remedial Recovery Therapy including Remedial Yoga, Somatics & Occupational therapy

  • Inversion & Aqua Therapy

  • An Ayurvedic Nutritional program specific to Recovery

  • Postural Alignment Practices & Somatics

  • yogic pancha karma, Ayurvedic Therapies, & supplements

  • Remedial Massage & Abhyanga

  • Deep Relaxation, Yoga Nidra & Meditation

  • Access to our Recovery Resource Archive and facebook support group

  • share your experiences with our brave Recovery community

  • Access to our brave Integrated Recovery Therapy courses & skills transfer

  • Equipment & Products on loan and on a donation basis

  • Retreats, workshops, events & adventures

  • Brave Volunteering opportunities, seva & teacher training

all designed specifically to empower you to address our Trauma, Pain  & Stress Chronic Pain. Read and download our full Recovery Booklet with a comprehensive list of benefits,

just click "join us"

paraplegic practising yoga
join us,  It's easy! 
We look forward to sharing our recovery journey with you
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