you can follow the simple instructions on our Traditional Yogic Pancha Karma video to BOOST YOUR IMMUNE & stay in WELL being...

order your BLUE Yogi Pancha Karma CLEANSE KIT for R640 or around $43 excluding postage including our gift of our "Little brave book of Yogic Cleansing". 

It has all the tools  you need for traditional Yogic Pancha Karma practices. Make any donation to brave and receive our little brave ebook of Yogic Living Free!

whatever level of mobility you have, try our suggested brave postural positions, they are tried & tested to relive pain, inflammation, and help you be comfortable...

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brave hosts 'Living brave Long weekends every 3 months,

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our inspirational braves

our brave Practices in Nature 2021 have begun ...

we are learning to breathe freely again, to boost our immunity with light, take wild swims, walking meditations, asana in the elements, and meditation On Mother Nature in all Her glory.

we practice remedial Hatha Yoga - asana, pranayama & savasana outdoors every Saturday morning @ 8.00 am to 9.30am, a meditation & walk weekly at a specially selected sacred site & our Wednesday Yoga Nidra & pranayam live online 5.30pm to 6.30pm in our facebook group room.

each week our practices harmonise the dosha, seasonal change and include Yogic Pancha Karma. Practices are gentle, mixed-ability remedial yoga practices for all. join us!

brave vouchers are available for those in need

brave practices for integrated recovery from serious physical trauma

our little brave book is  FREE in Xhosa & English and written by the brave for the brave.

It's free to all in Recovery,

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"Become brave like lions, but with hearts as soft as butter.

Real bravery is a coming together of compassion and fortitude,which enables one to face anything"